• MahaVastu is simply the ancient, time-tested wisdom of our sages cleansed of the cobwebs of confusion that had enveloped it over thousands of years due to lack of willingness in its practitioners to experiment and test its principles.
  • The real beauty of MahaVastu lies in its amazing simplicity and strong foundation in logic. In fact, it takes only two days of MahaVastu Graduate programme and its four follow up sessions to be able to diagnose and address your Vastu related problems.
  • MahaVastu has the backing of more than 10,000 success stories from all over the world. These successes cover almost every kind of building and every conceivable Vastu related problem.
  • MahaVastu has a remarkably high degree of accuracy of 95% in Vastu diagnosis of problems and getting desirable results.
  • A MahaVastu expert, by simply listening to your problems, can exactly pinpoint the source of your problem i.e. which elements of your home are causing the problems or which objects have been placed wrongly in the home.
  • The MahaVastu solutions to your Vastu problems do not require major alterations in the buildings to achieve your aims; at time by merely changing the placing of simple objects like flower pots, paintings etc you can get the desired results.
  • Ordinarily you have to be a clairvoyant i.e. a Siddha Purusha to acquire such supernatural skills. But the MahaVastu explains the logic behind Vastu so that you can correctly diagnose Vastu doshas and suggest effective remedies for these.
  • During the 2-day MahaVastu Graduate Programme,  you are given such thorough grinding in the logic and fundamentals of Vastu through a number of practical examples that by the second evening of the classroom sessions you are able to understand the Vastu reasons behind most of  your problems of life like growth, money, relationship, career, education of children and so on.
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Khushdeep Bansal started studying Vastu in 1989 as a hobby while pursuing a B.E. degree in Electronics Engineering. In 1992, following his quest for the unknown beyond the conventional logic, he chose to join the Gurukul to learn Vastu Shastra in the traditional Indian way giving up a cushy job with a software firm in Los Angeles.

His years at the Gurukul helped him to hone his skills in Vastu. Khushdeep was bestowed the title Vastu Acharya’ in 1995, after which he began his professional Vastu practice. In 1997, Khushdeep established the Vastu Centre at New Delhi. For his contribution to Vastu Shastra and its scientific research, the Bundelkhand University in 2001, conferred him with the Doctor of Science degree (D.Sc. Honoris Causa). With his skilled team of Architects and Business Management experts, Khushdeep provides Vastu consultancy to builders, developers, industrialists, politicians, doctors and all those who seek solutions to their problems.


Development of MahaVastu

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Khushdeep Bansal has an engineering background – he holds a degree in Electronics and Telecommunication engineering. Naturally, therefore, he has a keen, perspicacious and observing mind. One day, while performing experiments in his college lab he observed that whenever he performed the experiments in one particular corner, something or the other went wrong: the instruments or equipments placed in that corner developed snags or gave erroneous readings. Of course, he did not know anything about Vastu at that time. Though he had no explanation for this erratic behaviour of devices he could not dismiss it from his mind. He further discovered the same corner of the college building was accident prone, too.

Being not the one to forget such strange happenings as mere coincidence, he performed the same experiment with the same instruments this time in the direction exactly opposite to the previous one. To his quite surprise he found that the naughty instrument now behaved themselves and gave correct results. However the scientist in him still wanted some more evidence for the importance of geographical directions. Moreover it was not clear if directions also affect people, and if yes, then to what extent. So he started observing his friends in college who were getting excellent marks. His earlier observations were again confirmed: toppers and those with outstanding academic performance always studied in certain directions or parts of their home or hostel although most of the times unknowingly.

Now he was convinced that in every building there are certain parts and directions that are conducive for some particular activities while other parts/ directions are not. But the reason behind it still eluded him because he did not know anything about Vastu – the ancient discipline that deals with buildings.

So he presented his observations and queries before a Conference on Vedic Sciences being attended by delegates from all over the country. It was here that Khushdeep was formally introduced by a South Indian delegate to the science of Vastu – a field that is at least as old as human civilization. This delegate also gifted a Sanskrit book “Vishva Karma Prakash” to Khushdeep, which he soon got translated into Hindi with the assistance of a lecturer. To his pleasant surprise, what this book told about directions and spaces in buildings, exactly matched with what he had concluded from his observations in the college lab.

Though his initial curiosity was satisfied, now some serious questions confronted him- Why only a few people make it big in life while there is no dearth of highly talented or hardworking people? And what is the plan of the buildings these successful people live in and run their businesses from?

To find answers to these questions he now began a thorough and systematic research trying to correlate building plans with their impact on the lives of the people who inhabited these. This research continued for 2 years. Later Khushdeep joined Gurukul to understand Ayurveda, Yoga, Astrology, Kundalini and Chakras, and Vedic philosophy for manifestations of life. With this began his journey into the vast field of Vastu Shastra.

Gurukul helped him in understanding the true meaning and significance of the ages-old Hindu wisdom. His way of looking at the world was transformed completely. He gained a new perspective into life. Life assumed a new meaning for him.

Alongside this spiritual transformation in him was going on the exploration of Vastu Shastra. He was continuously verifying and refining the knowledge that is there in Vastu scriptures, and fine-tuning it to the needs of modern life.

In 1995, Khushdeep started recording his case studies. Gradually his focus shifted to the numerous problems, people face in their lives, identifying the Vastu zones responsible for these and applying Vastu solutions to those specific Vastu zones only. As his approach was scientific with no trial and error he was crowned with astounding success. Over the next two years he developed a completely new system of Vastu – MahaVastu

He applied MahaVastu to different aspects of life and was almost always successful. For politicians he focused on 4 to 6 zones only and they not only won the elections but also got position of Cabinet Minister.

In Industry if a company had a quality related problem he treated only two Vastu zones, as per the 4-Step procedure of MahaVastu, and the company became an epitome of quality in its field. Similarly, for homes he related different problems with the Vastu zones responsible for them, treated only the responsible zones and got 95% success; the “5% gap is for further research “– as he always says.

Now you also can reap amazing benefits of the MahaVastu by joining the MahaVastu Graduate programme.

Discovery of MahaVastu Zones
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Vastu Shastri Khushdeep Bansal recalls----

“When I was translating Vishwa Karma Prakash, a thought flashed in my mind that Vastu Shastra prescribed specific directions for performing different activities and placing objects in a building be it a home or any other building. And the directions can be identified in terms of angles only. But, even today, most of the Vastu practitioners mark directions in a non-angular division. As my method of marking directions in terms of angles always gave me success in the cases I was handling, I was convinced of the accuracy and correctness of my method. Thus I discovered the Vastu Zones. But a new question challenged me: Why is it so that these particular zones were active in certain buildings and dormant in others?

“I found answers to this question in Samkhya Yoga, the oldest system of philosophy I was studying side-by-side, and the Hindu theory that the universe is made up of five elements i.e. pancha tatva- Agni, Prithvi, Aakash, Jal, and Vayu“.
                   “With the realization that everything in life manifests through these five elements, so I started associating zones with them and the whole secrets of Vastu Shastra unfolded before me”.

- Vastu Shastri’s Diary

The Purpose of MahaVastu
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  • The foremost objective of MahaVastu can be summed up as – Sarve bhavanthu sukhinah sarve santu niramayah | Sarve bhadrani pashyantu makschid dukhabhagbhavet...
  • Every building is built with a specific purpose. MahaVastu helps you to achieve this purpose of the building.
  • MahaVastu helps to remove blockages in life and mind of the occupants of a building.
  • To assist you in fulfilling the purpose of your existence on this planet and live a happy, rich and successful life.
  • To enable the human mind to realise its fullest potential.
  • To create a better world.
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  • Life is a continuous celebration. If we are not able to celebrate it there must be some obstruction or blockage in mind or life caused by space around us where we live and work. Understanding the alchemy of space around you is Vastu.
  • The fundamental purpose of any knowledge is to solve our problems. As our scriptures say: Sa Vidya Ya Vimuktaye ,i.e only that knowledge is true which liberates us from bondage. This liberation however is not only spiritual but from worries of daily life also. True knowledge gives us instant insight, opens up our mind apart from solving our daily life problems.
  • Every space, be it in a building or outside it, has a specific purpose. And if due to some reason it can’t serve that purpose we need to look for that reason. Consider for example, a glass tumbler- it is meant for holding drinks. But if there is a hole in its bottom it is useless so that hole is to be plugged if this tumbler is to serve its purpose. The purpose of a space can be manifested only when the space is perfect. Vastu is study of purpose of spaces where you live and work.
  • The space inside you (your subconscious mind) is an extension of the space around you. Your life is product of your inside space (your subconscious mind). Do not live a purposeless and directionless life when you can possess true knowledge to live your life as per your desires.

MahaVastu believes that everyone and everything on earth has a special purpose. Even the things that we consider lifeless have a purpose that they serve being components of space and thus nature. How we align these components in space around us determines the quality of our life & our alignment with nature. The purpose of MahaVastu is to scientifically program & align these components of your space, and thus, help you attain your purpose of life by removing obstacles, hindrances and defects generated due to  any misalignment of these components.

There are numerous instances from our daily life which corroborate the MahaVastu philosophy. For example you may have noticed that food of a particular restaurant tastes very good; or that a particular tailor makes the best dresses and so on. There are so many such things with no apparent reason or logic. The secret of success of a particular restaurant or tailor lies in correct placement of the components of their workplace. So their work turns out to be perfect which you can easily feel. This is why they are successful and you are positive about them.

MahaVastu divides every space into 16 MahaVastu zones, each zone governing some particular aspect of life. These zones are strengthened or weakened as per the activities performed there or objects, colours, and elements linked with them

The philosophy of MahaVastu is to recognize the natural power of each of these 16 zones and plan, design & programme your home or workplace to deliver you the desired results.

The basic purpose of ancient Indian sciences-Ayurveda, Yoga, & Vastu is to achieve a balanced state of body, mind, and the living space because this state of balance bestows upon us health, wealth, prosperity, happiness & the much needed peace of mind. Every building whether it is a trade centre, a shopping mall, residential complex, hospital or theatre should be built with this purpose in mind. At Vastu Centre we focus on gaining this state of balance in the buildings

Vastu Programming
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Symbols form a complete language. Behavioral Science is dedicated to the understanding of symbols and how they work. Symbols have an effect – an effect that is universal.
How do these symbols work? Why do they affect us? The answer lies in our sub-conscious mind. These symbols have been a part of man’s existence since time immemorial. How and when each symbol adopted a meaning is irrelevant – what is important is that these symbols have carried, communicated and depicted information from one generation to the next - information that our sub-conscious mind can read and interpret.

Our sub-conscious mind is shaped by the needs of our body and by our environment – the space which we inhabit. Throughout our lives we remain oblivious to all the functions and activities that the sub-conscious mind performs – for example, it maintains our breath rate, our blood pressure, the secretion of hormones etc. We also remain ignorant to the constant dialogue between our sub-conscious mind and the external environment which influences or leaves a lasting impression on us thus enhancing or destroying our sense of well being. Our sub-conscious mind communicates with the greater sub-conscious mind – that of the space around it. Symbols act both on our sub-conscious mind as well as that of the surrounding space. Symbols become a form of communication and when placed in a space they represent something – they say something to our sub-conscious mind and our sub-conscious mind begins to react accordingly. These activate Vastu and invisible natural earthen powers to generate a specific effect (fulfillment of your desires) and once these powers sense your desires, they programme your subconscious accordingly & thus set you moving towards achievement of your goals.

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12,000 years before Christ, man climbed down from the trees and walked out of the caves, and began making his proper home. Remains of these early settlements found by archaeologists indicate awareness of certain basics of building principles. An awareness that guided the early man - showed him where to build and how to build. Man was still more like an animal - so he was still receptive to the environment and to nature.

With his ability to understand and to experiment, man’s sensitivity to nature slowly developed into a deeper understanding of the ways of nature and how she governed his life. Man studied the patterns of the sky, he watched the cycles of each season. He observed the phases of the moon and those of the Sun and discovered what effect they have on the Earth. Man learnt about the spaces outside the built environment and the spaces within it. He derived principles that were based on natural phenomena.

In India this ancient knowledge came to be known as ‘Vastu Shastra’. The word ‘Vastu’ is derived from the Sanskrit term ‘Vas Niwase’ and it literally means ‘liveable space’. Shastra are scientific treaties. Only the most accomplished scholars were permitted to pursue studies in Vastu Shastra. During the reign of Raja Bhoj, people who practiced this revered subject without proper and complete knowledge were given the death-sentence. They were publicly executed (ref: Sangrangam Sutradhar).

Over the past centuries, civilization and civilized life have taken their toll on us. Though we have lost our natural ability to sense the messages that nature gives us, we continue to be affected and controlled by all that surrounds us.

Home - Once enclosed in a boundary (even if it is not a physical one), a space acts as if it were an independent universe in itself. Forces shape this universe from all directions. Each different form of energy plays a vital role in shaping life, and the exclusion of any one of these vital forces will cause an imbalance.
You may have noticed that many homes although beautifully designed and fastidiously maintained leave you feeling oppressed, negative, unwell or just generally uncomfortable. On the other hand there are some homes that may be simple, architecturally plain and common, but when you enter them you feel uplifted, joyful, at peace and comfortable. Observe the inhabitants of such a space and you see a positive attitude, vibrancy, good health and happiness. These positive characteristics are formed by nature when she finds harmony in a space.
You - Our Hindu philosophy believes that each person is the centre of the universe. In him or her are all the planets, stars, zodiacs, all the 5 elements and all the forces of nature. What is on the outside is exactly what is in the inside.
    Though, you are governed by the stars, by the effects of the Earth, by the land that you make your buildings on and by the energies that shape the environment in your home, you still are the master and maker of your own destiny.
        By understanding the forces that shape your destiny and with the knowledge of how to use them you can shape your present and your future.

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